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Kelowna Police Brutality

This happened early January of this year… the football style kick to the face is very disturbing, lets hope this action gets dealt with appropriately.  This just happened to be caught on camera, who else has been a victim of this excessive force?

Meet your Strawman

This is an excellent, simple breakdown of how our to the name associated to us is really used.

Christian freeman perspective

Here we have Dan the christian. He resides somewhere in Ontario and I had the pleasure of meeting him. Unfortunately we couldn’t hear all of his talk but I found what he had to say of interest. I hope his point of view has something for you as well 😀

Canadian Holocaust, crimes of the Church

Please read and support

Certificate of Live Birth applied

This is 2 parts, enjoy.

Debate over Jurisdiction

Suing the Police in Small Claims Court

Common law Right to Travel Freeman encounters Police

Power to the People

Two dude’s in New Zealand kicking ass!

George the Farmer, Owen Sound

Here is a gentleman who was imprisoned for 16 days and stood his ground. We are going to try and interview George when the resources become available. Power to yah George!

Statement of Live Birth

On our travels we have encountered many people outlining the importance of this document. Get yours today!

Canadian Common Corps of Peace Officers