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The Natural Man Speaks In Court

Squamish Nation


This happened awhile ago. Good to get it out there though. Go humanity! 😀

British Freemen Seize Court

Video uploaded to youtube March 07, 2011
British freemen seize the court. Peace officers I would like to take this opportunity to remind you of whom you serve.

This video has been censored in the UK from what I understand. If we could get confirmation of this that would be cool.

Stay free people. Eventually we can teach people to think with their heart.

Ray tells his Story

Power to yah Ray! Its good to see people speaking up for their rights. I don’t think I’d be wanting to piss off ray. It would also seem ray is not one to easily be set off.


Freeman Goes to Court

This happened in my hometown of Guelph, and a week or so in Kelowna I did essentially the same thing after consulting Keith.  Quite the scene, Sheriff’s from outside the courtroom rushed to the courtroom like an emergency room and crowded me, talk about intimidation.  lol  Almost got arrested but they couldn’t justify the lack of logic at their end.  The courts do not like this at all!!!

Kelowna Police Brutality

This happened early January of this year… the football style kick to the face is very disturbing, lets hope this action gets dealt with appropriately.  This just happened to be caught on camera, who else has been a victim of this excessive force?