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British Freemen Seize Court

Video uploaded to youtube March 07, 2011
British freemen seize the court. Peace officers I would like to take this opportunity to remind you of whom you serve.

This video has been censored in the UK from what I understand. If we could get confirmation of this that would be cool.

Stay free people. Eventually we can teach people to think with their heart.

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  1. garth on
    October 8th, 2013 3:01 am
    # 1

    The first thing they all need is to have an open mind and start learning history. Alex Jones has a great teachings.
    Then they will need to learn the definition LOVE.

  2. Michael on
    April 30th, 2013 4:30 am
    # 2

    People need to make sure that we always copy video’s on Youtube when they are important or revealing. We need to repost important videos to ensure that the message gets out. More and more I’m seeing censorship, and we need to fight back by copying and reposting.

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