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Welcome to the Barter Exchange Network!


This page is all about an alternative to the limited opportunities we find within the current monetary/corporate structure of the world around us.

There is a wealth of resource we are immersed in, yet many of us find a struggle in keeping up with the “bills” and our ever devaluing dollar it is rapidly becoming a world of stress to keep up with maintaining a comfortable lifestyle.  Not only that, there is a lot of corruption in the way business- especially big business operates, and it has been revealed time and time again that there is an abundance of abuse on people and planetary resources in this system of dependency.

B.E.N., unlike any other source of exchange, is not about a bottom line because the possibilities are endless.  The only goal is to have people united and allow the abundance to flow.

With any ‘system’ there has to be some form of structure in order to keep it functioning.  It cannot be denied that nothing is perfect and there are always risks involved.  It is of top priority to ensure that there is a fair and equitable process involved to secure success.

The basic format is that the individual/group will create an account where he/she/they will list what they have, whether goods or services, and beside each item indicate what they may value that to be.  There will be a secondary list (manifestation) that will identify what they are in pursuit of and what they are willing to exchange in order to obtain what they seek.

This can be expressed a variety of ways including hours of service, dollar amount, precious metals,  items etc. and the limit ultimately being that of your imagination.


In order to maintain peace and honesty within this format of exchange there will be a rating system associated to each account in which there can be comments. This rating system, modeling after that which ebay uses, is to keep people in check and ensure transparency is maintained.

This way everyone knows what to expect from who they choose to exchange with and is essentially self-regulating.

Ultimately if someone is not maintaining a respectful account it will be deleted.

We look forward to developing this network, helping as many people as possible and developing a community.

~ Admin