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The Mission

Freeman-on-the-land is about the individual with the focus on community.

Currently, this site is in the preliminary stages of development, but you should expect to see some very interesting and valuable information designed to be a hub for prospecting Freemen/Freewomen and an ever-evolving source for networking, communication, news and developments in the perspective of self governance as this site progresses.

The vision is to have a collection of interviews with individuals and/or groups who have been traveling the journey of discovery and implementation of being sovereign of the State of which we are being governed, that being the Government(s).  Later to come- “BEN” the Barter Exchange Network.

As with any pioneering and the vast possibilities of the human consciousness, there are many rivers that lead to the sea and to have a more clearer sense of what one may find to be the truth it is best to expose yourself to as much information as possible.

It is easy to get lost in the abundance of information and opinions that surround us and much has still yet to be discovered but with a little bit of organization and a hub to reference it makes it a lot easier to accomplish goals, especially when a network of people are available to bounce ideas off of.

It is highly advised that when viewing any information that it is up to you to choose what to do with it as it is 100% your responsibility to be careful with the information provided on this site and to use it wisely. The most important tip that can be said is to not practice anything you discover without first consulting other parties and to be confident and competent with how the system of implementation works and how to hold your ground.

The organizations/businesses/government/authorities that we engage with are generally unforgiving when it comes to questioning their jurisdiction but ultimately its how you conduct yourself and your intent.  Keeping love, compassion and truth as primary intent you will find success and a whole new world of possibilities open up!

Positivity and an open mind is the key to facilitating everything as fore mentioned, so keep that in mind and enjoy this site and get as much from it as you can!!!

If there is anything you find profound and would be good to add to the site, don’t hesitate to send any links or documents our way, please contact us below.

Peace and love,