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Archive for August 1, 2013

Freeman Documentation Tour


Given the biased job the canadian media has been doing, I have decided to take an eastward journey to interview and document successful stories involving Canada’s “freemen”. A few years back while traveling with Mr. Menard I didn’t seem to come across a lot of documentation regarding pleasing outcomes from an interaction with the crown. I am quite capable of documenting any stories people wish to tell. Stories WITH PHYSICAL DOCUMENTS will be given the highest priority. I have until Canada Day to plan and get any interested parties lined up. So please contact me if you wish to share the story of your interaction with the crown. No one will be ignored from anywhere in Canada. fmotl.com@gmail.com

Crowd Sourced Funding:

I would like to have a three thousand dollar buffer for the journey. This includes video/electronic equipment, vehicle maintenance, gas, food and I will sleep in my car if necessary. All donations will be noted and a running total will be posted by myself every two months before departure (three reports)

We are up against a runaway corporation (Canada). The corporation is better organized, much better armed and ridiculously over funded. I seek to facilitate an organization of the like minds that will keep this land peaceful long after the crown’s reign is over. There are of course other projects I have in mind such as centralized document storage (FTP) and chatting forum (IRC) but such things are in the distant future and happen when it is more than I that seeks this organization.

Paypal: I would like to take this opportunity to thank our two donors. I left out your full name of course. I took a screenshot to illustrate the funds you donated are still there and that they will remain there until something can be done with them to advance the cause. Please see the donation section for the paypal button.

Cheque/Silver/Gold: I can appreciate that many people connected with this ideology use these forms of consideration. Please e-mail me if you need a postal address for your donation.

Bitcoin / Litecoin:

The Bitcoin Donation Address is : 1F8eGFvTTRPQbeaNkadfMyq91dEyseyUzX

If you are a bitcoin miner and can spare the use of your equipment for any period of time to mine for this cause please e-mail me and I will get you something set up on a BTC pool. Regards!

The Litecoin Donation Address is : LgqQzFGRLqYcj7YeQNpmJPuLrntebjVT8p

If you happen to be a scrypt miner I have set up a mining account for donations with wemineltc.com If you are not a miner be aware with some high end video cards you can be apart of the development of a new decentralized unregulated currency (and make money participating). CPU miners are of course welcome! Every little bit counts. Just be sure to use the smallest variable user “free1.1” 🙂

I sincerely hope this project gets off the ground. The demonization of the freeminded in the media needs to be counteracted with some type of documented evidence that the crown has indeed recognized freemen. Not only recognized but given some kind of remedy. I look forward to reading all of the input.