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Archive for August 14, 2011

RCMP Brief

On August 3rd an internal document was circulated to RCMP. I had to jump in and make points I felt valid. Stay safe people…

“not subject to the laws of canada” Laws and statues are different. Of course people choosing to ignor corporate policy look lawless. They should however be aware of the self evident guiding principles of the heart. (No harm or loss to any other human being). Blindly following corporate policy is a serious problem on this planet. Turning a blind eye is destroying the earth and stripping our children of their future.
“They also believe that they have the right to use force, including deadly force, in defence of their land, property, and family.” Uhh yes and if you don’t feel like defending what matters most to you prepare to lose it. Anyone that has had life experience knows this.
Mad As Hell

“Subjects refer to themselves as Given Name of the Family Surname (e.g. John of the Family Smith),”

“When writing their name, subjects use the format Given Name: Surname (e.g. John: Smith), which may be followed by “the man” (e.g. John: Smith the man),”

Your parents gave you a name yes and the family name was handed down. The last name is always needed for institutions to make money. (self perpetuated debt exchange via consent, signature)

“Subjects claim to be living as a “Son of God” or to have status as a “Son of God”,”

“Subjects refer to themselves as human or flesh and blood beings,”

It is quite a common belief that we are children of god I don’t know why cops are supposed to be on the lookout for this.Yes I am a human, flesh and blood human being. I challenge anyone to say the contrary.

“Subjects refer to Canada as a corporation or a corporate entity and may refer to driver’s licenses and other forms of government identification as “corporate issued”,”

Canada certainly is a corporation CLICK HERE for proof. By logic anything issued by a corporation or subsidiary is corporate issue yes.

“During traffic stops, subjects refer to their common law right to travel on the land, which they believe allows them to operate a vehicle for non-commercial purposes without having to register or insure the vehicle and without being licensed as a driver,”

This is clearly a sensitive area for the police. I would hope agents of the RCMP would notice that when investigating a driver the majority of his/her concerns are to do with liability. If someone is driving a car and creates damage or injury, they are certainly liable to fix the problem. If something is not insuring them it becomes a karmic responsibility to make it right. Any free being caught drunk driving you are disgraceful. Self responsibility is not easy, nor is an addiction to depressants.

“Subjects ask to see a police officer’s “Bond Number”,”

When conducting business one has a bond or a  business card whatever. Something you can take with you to ID the agent.

“Subjects present or reference a “Notice of Understanding and Intent and Claim of Right”, a document they believe exempts them from the authority of police and other officials and entitles them to charge fees if they are detained , questioned, or “otherwise regulated”,”

“Subjects make continued use of nonsensical legal/quasi-legal jargon,”

You can present management your view of the corporation and how it relates to you however you want. Many use these methods but do what your heart tells you I say. Just grasping the birth certificate and the level of consent granted at a time you were completely unaware of the implications of said agreement makes it null and void. I use simple to understand language and ask questions that seem to never have answers.
I am in hopes that any potentail investigatiors of “freemen” come across this message. At the beginning of this document you will notice how the corporation has disconnected liability from your actions by stating the following. “Recipients are encouraged to SELF VERIFY all information contained in this report before using it for any investigative/enforcement action, evidence or other legal proceedings.” You are liable for your actions. Under man’s law or divine, what goes around comes around. I appreciate your due dilligance to duty of self verification if that is what brings you here.
“Let him who wishes to be deceived, be deceived.”

There is an energy picking up worldwide and it should be coming to our shores as soon as our money turns into the paper that it is. Money only has the power that you give it. Perpetuated by your peers, this infinite growth, cyclical consumption paradigm has got to go!


‎”Israelis in masks shout slogans during a protest against the high cost of living outside the Israeli parliament in Jerusalem, Israel, 10 August 2011.”


August 12, 2011


Should be quite the Fall, season.

God Bless,